Volume Two – The South-West & Wales

The second volume, published in December 2023, turns its attention to the rich history of racing west of the Home Counties, from Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire through to Cornwall and Wales. As with the first book, it is arranged by county and profusely illustrated, featuring more than 840 historic location maps and images of the old meetings, as well as modern aerial photos of the landscape as it appears today. Once again, it’s a big book, in its scope and in its physical dimensions, and readers will be sure to find many fascinating anecdotes and nuggets of information in its meticulously researched pages.

1016 pages. Size: Demy Quarto, 280 x 215 mm. Hardback with dustwrapper

Printing is limited to 400 copies. To secure one of these fine books order your copy in the shop now!

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